At the museum we have the ability to bring the lives of the pilots of our planes to life for the people who visit.  Below we are working on a breakdown of each one of the displays from the Gallery of Heroes.  These are the people who flew the planes that so many visitors have enjoyed seeing.  When you look in the Gallery of Heroes, you are connecting with those who fought through to the end as well those who didn’t make it home.  

All of the artifacts in the Gallery, as well as the rest of the museum, are generously gifted to us from family members and collectors.  We thank each one of you because without your kindness, we would not have the amazing collection that we boast today.

On both the Reamer E. Sewell and Lee Kessler pages, we have full digitized copies of their diary and scrapbook respectively.  These are amazing pieces of history and we invite you to visit the pages for more information.

This page is still under-construction but we invite you to look at any of the blue links, those have dedicated pages where you can explore the display further.  

Reamer E. Buzz Sewell

Reamer Sewell POW

Pearl Harbor Display

Bud Wentz

Nadine Harris-Bluhm Display

Rosie the Riveter Display

Tuskegee Airmen Display

B-17 & B-24 Model Display

William L. WillamanWillaman

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