Thank you to all the guests and members who joined us (or volunteered) for our Spring 2007 Pancake Breakfast and Open House.  The weather cooperated nicely (not nice enough to let people work at home, not ugly enough to keep them from venturing out) and there was a good, steady stream of breakfasters all morning.   If you attended, and have any photos you'd be willing to share for the MAPS Website, please send them to the Webmaster.  All proceeds from the Pancake Breakfast will benefit MAPS Air Museum's Operating and Restoration efforts.


Breakfast is in full swing!

The Cooking Crew hard at work

After breakfast, guests were able to take self-guided tours of the large hangar

Guests review restoration work on the Cessna T-37 Tweet wing and tail section

Guests and members touring the large hangar 

Guests check out the L-17 Navion, F-11F Tiger and T-37 Tweet restoration projects in the large hangar


Guests review the Tuskegee Airmen exhibit

Guest reviews the Col. Robert Morgan display


Guests discuss the 20' wide Boeing 314 model

Guests line up to test drive the MiG 17

Guests discuss aviation with MAPS members in front of the T-6 Texan

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