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Reamer E. "Buzz" Sewell Display
By all accounts, Reamer E. "Buzz" Sewell was a pack rat, and we mean that in a good way.  Thanks to the fact he kept all of his military and wartime journals, diaries, and misc. information, we are able to share with you his story today, over 60 years later.  WWII B-26 “Bombigator” Reamer E. “Buzz” Sewell’s sons, Tom and Doug Sewell, have generously loaned/donated their father’s wartime memorabilia, diaries, and artifacts, including many rare POW items.  This is the first display to  have a link on the MAPS website where additional items and information can be viewed. The Sewell collection contains several scrapbooks full of photos, letters, etc. as well as several diaries in which Buzz chronicled his war years from the date of his enlistment until his return from the ETO (European Theater of Operation).  Click here for details on the Sewell display.