V77 Stinson Reliant "Gullwing" FOR SALE


As MAPS Air Museum is currently unable to fly this historic aircraft, we are looking to put this 1943 Stinson VT-77 Reliant up for sale.  More details are available from the Directors, and may be added to this page, but here's some basic info on this aircraft.  For more details, please contact one of the Directors @ MAPS Air Museum (330-896-6332)

Built in March of 1943, currently in flying status at MAPS.  Used in WWII by the British Air Corps to fly missions over the English Channel to spot German ships and submarines.   Purported to be a D-Day veteran.  Nine cylinder Lycoming radial engine displacing 680 cubic inches. Steel tube frame, mostly fabric covered.  Repainted in it's original military colors.  "Expander tube" wheel brakes, and brake master  cylinders from a 1943 GMC truck!

  • The first Airworthy Certificate issued in the U.S. was June 17, 1947. There were no log books 
    recovered from England

  • First flight recorded in the U.S. was on June 19, 1947 Tach time was at 00:00 

  • Feb. 1,1956 Major Engine Overhaul @ 555.35 (both Aircraft & Engine)

  • A new tach was installed on April 11,1974 @ 309.5 TSMO on Engine.

  • On October 12, 1986 @ 993.21 TT the entire airframe covering was removed, airframe inspected, recovered and painted. Prop was inspected at this time also.

  • May 26,2005 @1000.2 100 hr. inspection + annual inspection airframe and engine.


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