The Briefing

These are articles that are published periodically and give a good idea of what is happening at the museum.  If you have missed any of the past newsletters they are all organized here by year.  Once you open a year, all the Briefings associated with that year will be linked.

The Briefing 2008

The Briefing 2009

The Briefing 2010

The Briefing 2011

The Briefing 2012

The Briefing 2013

The Briefing 2014

The Briefing 2015

The Briefing 2016

The Briefing 2017

Email Blast System
We have created a mass email system for members and non-members that blasts emails about events and also sends copies of our quarterly newsletter, “The Briefing.” Click HERE or on the title above to access the form that adds you into the system.

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