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2260 International Parkway
North Canton, OH 44720
Executive Director
Kim Kovesci
Eduction Director
Reed Kimball
Rick Hamlet
Robert Hollis
Jim Jackson
Valerie Kinney 
Len Palmer
Ken Ramsay
Bob Schwartz (Chair)
Aircraft Acquisition:  Kim Kovesci
Boy Scout Explorer Post: Bob Hollis
Chaplain:  Rev. Les Peine
Curator:  Jim Cameron
Development: Doug Perry
Fund Raising:  Kim Kovesci
Gift Shop: Bob Hollis
Grounds: Allan Swain, Mary Cody, Bill Cody
Hanger Managers:  Bruce Balough, Reed Kimball and Kim Kovesci
Kitchen Manager: Mary Ann Cameron
Library:  Barb Johnston 
Maintenance: Allan Swain
Membership: Bob Schwartz 
Museum Displays:  Gary Haught
Newsletter Editor:  Marylou Thompson
PR/Publicity:  Barb Johnston & Doug Perry
Restoration Managers: Ron Duplain, Jim Jackson, Jim Shoop, Clay Tober
Safety:  Ted Mathies
Security: Rick Hamlet
Social Events: Kent Kleinknecht & Patricia Schwartz
Treasurer & Office Staff: Mac McFarland, Jan Boyea
Tour Coordinator & Scheduling: Reed Kimball
Veterans Programs: Valerie Kinney
Email the Webmaster:  Kim Kovesci


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  1. We are a group of fishermen and women and their families who have the common bond of loving God, family and fishing. We are members of the 501c4 Ohio Chapter of the North American Fishing Club Inc. We chat online all year, then come Spring, we have a large Meet where we come together with all our families in one big campout to socialize, and of course to fish. The 10th anniversary meet will be June 8-11, 2017 We have a big 4-day get together and provide activities for the children, community meals, and we fish. We also provide outdoor education to our members and to the general public. We don’t have a lot of money to do all of this and so we turn to our friends in the community for help. It’s great to have prizes for the children’s activities and have raffles for the adults to try to make money for the club. With this money we purchase all the necessities, paper plates, utensils, some food, charcoal, and other things to make this campout fun for everyone. Money raised from the raffles also goes to help those in need. One year we donated over $300 to one of our fellow fisherwomen who has cancer and no insurance. The problem is we have no funds to purchase raffle prizes. This is where we are asking you for help. We need raffle prizes to be able to raise the necessary funds. Any item donated would be greatly appreciated. We do not raise money for profit, proceeds go to purchase items needed for the campout and other activities. We’re not looking to make money, just have some fun and help where we can. We are asking you to help us provide prizes for the raffles. Whatever you could contribute will help you too. When everyone hears where items come from they are more likely to patronize those establishments. So anything you could contribute to this cause is beneficial to both of us. Thank you so much for your time. Certificates or items may be sent to the Committee Chair: Keith Schie 540 Elm Street Sugarcreek, OH 44681 Sincerely, Keith Schie Donations Chairman

  2. Restoration Managers
    Military Aircraft Preservation Society

    Dear Sirs:

    I am a volunteer at the Pacific Coast Air Museum (PCAM), a 501c3 organization, located in Santa Rosa, CA, and I am writing to you with the hopes that you might be able to help us in completing the restoration of our A-26, 41-39303. I see that you also have an A-26, 43-22602, on display.

    The Museum acquired our aircraft some years ago with the hope of restoring it to flight status but early on it was found that excessive corrosion prevented this from happening. The museum has proceeded with as complete a static restoration as we can accomplish and we are closing in on completion save for one area, the gunner’s compartment.

    At present we have two basically compete upper turrets, the gunner’s seat, some associated hardware for the compartment and, most amazingly, a complete General Electric periscope in the original shipping crate.

    When I joined the PCAM team and chose the A-26 as a focus of my efforts I thought of the possibility that you might have acquired some components for the compartment that no longer serve your needs or that you might know of another source of parts I could contact as a way to continue the search.

    As part of my efforts on the gunner’s station I am contacting US museums holding A-26s in a search for parts. I am also interested in pictures of the compartment in hopes they will allow us to id presently unidentified parts we might already have. We have AN 01-40 AJ-2, the rigging document, as a source of part numbers and descriptions and photos of a complete gunner’s compartment would be a great assist.

    We are open to trading any parts excess to our needs for parts you might have on your “wanted” list.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you soon so PCAM can boast of one of the more complete A-26s on open display anywhere.

    My home address and contact information is as follows:

    Greg Ervice
    1239 Manhattan Way
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401
    619-980-1450 M, 707-308-4142 H


    Greg Ervice
    A-26 Restoration Crewmember
    Pacific Coast Air Museum

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