Admission Price

Adults: $10.00
Seniors (Age 60+): $9.00
Children (Ages 6-12): $6.00
Children Under 6: Free

Group Rates (over 15 people)
Adult – $9.00
Child (6-12) – $5.00


Admission Price — 2 Comments

  1. I was interested in taking my Girl Scout troop to the museum. Do you offer a Girl Scout discount? We only have 4 girls in the troop. Thank you.

  2. Been there before for a few times before, but I have an older fellow at Powerhouse Gym in N. Canton, that works there and that told me to stop by to see a M*A*S*H tv series setup area. I have a custom built directional/mileage sign and a few more things that were on the tv set to see if I could possibly make one for you all. Actually, I guess my big question being, I can get there, but need a wheelchair to get around effectively. I can drive, but can’t load the wheelchair in the car. Do you have one there I could use?

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