D-Day 6 June 1944 – Operation Overlord, Normandy, France
This website is maintained by the curators of the beach at Normandy.  They have an impressive collection of photographs, information about the event, and first hand accounts.  Thanks to the partnership with M. Elie, the MAPS Air Museum received a copy of the after action report written by Lt. Col. Charles Young.  This report will be added to the display for Lt. Col. Young’s co-pilot, Adam Parsons, in the museum.  Thank you so much to M. Elie and the French Museum for their contribution.

Akron-Canton Airport (CAK), North Canton, OH
In addition to being the location of MAPS Air Museum, CAK is one of fastest growing regional airports in the U.S.

Redhorse Aviation, North Canton, OH
A frequent visitor to all of MAPS’ events, Red Horse Aviation serves Northeast Ohio in a variety of roles, including Search & Rescue, Aerial Surveillance / Reconnaissance, Evidence Chain of Custody Transportation, Law Enforcement Insertion & Extraction, Marijuana Eradication, D.A.R.E. Operation Support , Support Adopt-a-School, Community Activities, Aerial Photography, Aerial Patrol (Pipeline, Powerline, Gas Line ), Helicopter Rides, Live News and Traffic Reporting, Professional Exhibition Skydiving Services, and Skydiving Airshow Performances.  

City of Green
Information on Green, OH, MAPS home base.

International Women’s Air and Space Museum, Cleveland, OH
The International Women’s Air & Space Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history of women in aviation and space and the documentation of their continuing contributions today and in the future. The museum is a repository of information about women in aviation and space. Selected information from our collections is available on this website. You will also find items from our Gift and Book store, and information about our many events held throughout the year.

Bill Woodall’s Sopwith Triplane (
A home-built in the truest sense of the word, MAPS’ newest aircraft on display was the result of a 20 year from-scratch build by Akron pilot Bill Woodall.  Constructed from original Sopwith plans (read Bill’s excellent account of the build and flight testing process above), this is one of only a handful (they say 6 or less) Sopwith Triplanes (originals and replicas) left in the world. 

1941 Historical Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NY
Located in Geneseo, NY, several of the 1941 HAG aircraft have visited MAPS, even taking part in the 2000 Airshow & Expo.

North American Trainers Association
Supports the restoration and flight of North American Trainers, including the T-6, SNJ and T-28

Yankee Air Museum, Belleville, MI

Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, Kalamazoo, MI

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading, PA

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, Dayton, OH

U.S Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, FL

Flight Journal Magazine
Flight Journal captures the spirit, drama and evolution of winged adventure.   Their site offers sample articles, photos, details about current and upcoming issues, links to other aviation sites, and information of interest to aviation history enthusiasts.  Click the link to get a free sample issue of their magazine.

National World War II Memorial
The World War II Memorial will be the first national memorial dedicated to all who served in the armed forces and Merchant Marine of the United States during World War II and acknowledging the commitment and achievement of the entire nation. All military veterans of the war, the citizens on the home front, the nation at large, and the high moral purpose and idealism that motivated the nation’s call to arms will be honored. is dedicated to developing an extensive on-line archive of aviation history. The archives are not exclusive to any one country or type of aircraft, but focuses on the pre-jet era for now. Flight-History is a division of Ghosts of Aviation Inc., which is located in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Ohio Aviation Museums
List of aviation museums around the state of Ohio created and maintained by is a very informative site that stresses the educational and fun aspects of aviation and aviation history.

U.S Army Aviation Museum
The United States Army Aviation Museum maintains a collection of over 160 military aircraft, including one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world. The public galleries represent the Army’s involvement in military aviation from the beginning days with the Wright brothers and early combat aircraft of World War I, up to the highly technological machines flown by Army Aviators today. The Army Aviation Museum, located at the “Home of Army Aviation,” Fort Rucker, Alabama, is situated between the South Alabama cities of Enterprise, Ozark, Daleville and Dothan.

B-26 Message Board
Wonderful collection of B-26 Marauder information.  If the Marauder is among your list of favorites, you must visit this site!
Michael Smith has posted a wonderful travelogue about his visit to the University of Akron’s Marauder Archives on this website

Aircraft and Jets of World War II

The aircraft of World War II were of critical importance in the evolution of jet-powered flight and eventually jet charters. Aeronautical research from both Allied and Axis countries contributed greatly to the technology used for the air charters of today.

Watch WWII Training Films
Zeno’s Warbird Video has collected numerous World War II instructional videos for U.S. Aircraft, and offers them for online viewing for no charge.  For a small fee, you can receive high quality versions delivered to you on CD.

Tri-State Warbirds Museum, Cincinnati, OH

Marlboro Volunteers Inc.
The Marlboro Volunteers are proud to present a very unique historical and educational experience for all ages featuring our Mobile Military Museum of U.S. history, our military vehicle and weapons displays and our one of a kind “Ride Through History”. All members are truly Americans providing all citizens the opportunity to see American Military History. We invite you to ask our members about their part in U.S. history. Representing All U.S. Wars, from  the French & Indian War to the Present.

NASA Glenn Space Center Events

Airport Resources

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