Martin B-26 “Marauder”

Aircraft Background The Marauder, a medium-range bomber, posted the lowest loss rate, about 1%, of USAAF combat planes during World War II. The B-26 was used most effectively for bombing raids on railroad depots, bridges, and airfields, and it developed an excellent reputation as a dam buster Our Aircraft’s History MAPS B-26, the 99th Marauder […]

Republic F-105 “Thunderchief” or “Thud”

Aircraft Background Formerly assigned to the Florida Military Aviation Museum at Clearwater-St. Petersburg Airport, when the museum closed the aircraft were removed from the facility and placed in outside storage. Officially a part of the U.S. Air Force Museum, Wright Patterson AFB collection, the F-105B has just been placed on indefinite loan to MAPS Air […]

North American F-100D “Super Sabre”

Aircraft Background Officially part of the USAF Collection, the F-100D is on indefinite loan from the U.S. Air Force Museum, Wright Patterson AFB, to MAPS Air Museum for restoration purposes. Aircraft’s History A successor to the F-86 Sabre used in Korea, the F-100 was the first of the “Century Series” of Fighter aircraft in the […]

LTV A-7E “Corsair II”

Aircraft Background The A-7E Corsair II located at MAPS Air Museum previously served with VA-105, the Gunslingers. Before coming to MAPS, the airframe was on loan to the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum, New York City. Officially part of the USN Collection, the A-7E is on indefinite loan from the U.S. Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, […]

Douglas A-26C “Invader”

The Douglas A-26/B-26 bomber was the only American bomber to fly missions in three wars. After World War II, it served as a first-line bomber during the Korean War and during the Vietnam War. Douglas started the A-26 in 1941 to follow the A-20/DB-7 Havoc bomber. Douglas built 2,503 A-26/B-26 Invaders. During production a number […]