Goodyear Blimp – Spirit of Akron

Aircraft Background Originally built for the purpose of demonstrating the modern military capability of airships to the US Navy, the GZ-22 was originally designed by Goodyear but built by Loral after Goodyear withdrew from airship manufacturing. The GZ-22 had a steel framed and composite skinned gondola with a neoprene-impregnated polyester 2-ply envelope filled with helium. […]

Beechcraft SNB-5 Expeditor

Aircraft Background World War II U.S. Navy light transport/multi-engine trainer. Aircraft’s History The Museum’s Beech was built in 1943 as a Beech AT-7. The construction number was 5479 and its USAAF s/n was 43-33316. It was delivered to the USAAF Navigation Training School at San Marcos, Texas on October 26, 1943. Cost of construction was […]

Grumman S-2F Tracker

Aircraft Background Developed and first flown in 1952 to perform anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations, the Tracker took over from hunter/killer teams of TBM/TBF Avengers. Due to their limited capacity, there would be a “hunter” TBM with the necessary detection gear to find enemy submarines, who would them pass the information off to the “killer” TBM, […]

Ryan L-17B Navion

Aircraft Background Liaison, reconnaissance, and light transport aircraft. Originally designed and built by North American Aviation, Ryan Aircraft obtained manufacturing rights and continued production until 1949. The aircraft type remained in service through the mid 1960s. Aircraft History This particular L-17 was delivered to the 176th Infantry Regiment, Virginia Army National Guard, Washington DC on […]