Aircraft Profile
Model Name/Number:RB-1
Aircraft Type:Fixed wing multi engine
Engine Type:Reciprocating
Type of Landing Gear:Amphibus
Builder Certification:Not Type Certificated
Number of Engines:2
Maximum Number of Seats:4
Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight:Up to 12,499 pounds (class 1)
Cruising Speed:67 MPH
FAA Aircraft Code:05611C1


Last update 18OCT11




                                                Richard Becker, who flew PBY’s & PBM’s in the South Pacific as a Navy enlisted pilot.

                                                            Was the drawing of the RB-1 when finished for the parades.

RB-1 Back out on the flight line.
Not sure why they changed it to all white. Water Bomber was my idea.
Younger members took the plane over.