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The Military Aviation Preservation Society (DBA MAPS Air Museum) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about the history of aviation and its impact upon society. It accomplishes this mission by acquiring, restoring, preserving, studying and exhibiting the impact of aviation on the culture of man.


Founded in 1990, the Military Aviation Preservation Society (MAPS) is the nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and fundraising organization that supports the Museum.  With nearly 1,100 dues-paying members, the organization is financially self-supporting through various revenue-generating operations such as; admission fees, special events, sales in the Gift Shop and donations.



Kim Kovesci
Executive Director

Contact for donation specific issues, fundraising or aircraft/vehicle/large machinery acquisitions.
Reed Kimball
Education Director

Contact for all K-12 and University education queries or your Tour scheduling needs.

Jone Boyea
Mac McFarland
Financial Manager
Kent Kleinknecht
Event Coordinator

For information on booking a Public or Private event.



Dennis Bachtel
Bill Cody
Marylou Thompson

Also editor for the MAPS Air Museum Newsletter, The Briefing.
Jim Jackson
Valerie Kinney

Coordinator for Veterans Day Gala/Programs.

Ken Ramsay
Robert Schwartz
Chairperson and also Membership coordinator


Aircraft Acquisition/Fund Raising/Curator:  Kim Kovesci
BSA/Girl Scout Programs: Jim Felner
Boy Scout Explorer Post: Bob Hollis
Chaplin:  Rev. Les Peine
Gift Shop: Bob Hollis
Grounds: Allan Swain, Mary Cody, Bill Cody
Hanger Managers:  Bruce Balough, Reed Kimball and Kim Kovesci
Kitchen Manager: Mary Ann Cameron
Librarian:  Barb Johnston
Maintenance: Allan Swain
Marketing: Doug Perry
Membership: Bob Schwartz
Newsletter Editor:  Marylou Thompson
PR/PSA: Mary & Pete Nofel
Research Center: Debbie Bussinger
Restoration Managers: Ron Duplain, Jim Jackson, Jim Shoop, Clay Tober
Safety:  Ted Mathies
Security: Rick Hamlet
Tour Coordinator & Scheduling: Reed Kimball
Veterans Programs/Veterans Day Gala: Valerie Kinney


Medic’s Corner: Ted Mathies
Radio Airwaves Corner: Richard Willaman

Ronald Schultz

Overseeing the website and YouTube channel.

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