Current & Upcoming

Facility Improvement Projects

Banquet Room – 2nd Floor, work is being done to finish a Banquet Room with a Bar area for 300 guests; estimated completion winter 2019

Kitchen – 2nd floor, full kitchen to be used for the banquet room/Hangar rentals and other needed uses; estimated completion summer 2019

Restrooms – 2nd floor, Male and Female restrooms for area needs; estimated completion fall 2019

Storage room – 2nd floor, moderate sized storage closet for area janitorial/maintenance needs; estimated completion summer 2019

Multi-Purpose Room – 2nd floor; estimated to hold 30-50 people, depending on purpose of the room; can be used for a classroom, small banquet room, small conference room; estimated completion fall 2019

Covered Entrance – Main Entrance; a new covered entrance way for inclement weather; estimated early 2020

Display area – 2nd floor, an additional display area that will double the size of the Gallery of Heroes display room on the 1st floor; estimated completion mid 2020

F-100 Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit – 2nd floor, a room dedicated to the “Friends of the Super Sabre” group (FSS); estimated completion early 2021.


Ohio National Guard Exhibit – 2nd floor, a room dedicated to the history of Ohio’s own National Guard; estimated completion mid 2021.

Below are photos of ongoing renovations.  MAPS is always looking for help in these renovations, whether it be: labor, material or know-how.