Current & Upcoming

Facility Improvement Projects


Covered Entrance – Main Entrance; a new covered entrance way for inclement weather; estimated 2022

MORE Display areas! – 2nd floor, an additional display area that will double the size of the Gallery of Heroes display room on the 1st floor; estimated completion late 2021/early 2022.  These additional exhibits will be on the War on Terror, Korean War/Cold War, Vietnam War and the Bob Hope Room

F-100 Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit – 2nd floor, a room dedicated to the “Friends of the Super Sabre” group (FSS); estimated completion late 2021


Ohio National Guard Exhibit – 2nd floor, a room dedicated to the history of Ohio’s own National Guard; estimated completion late 2021.

Continued improvement of Information Technology (IT) improve IT around the complex for communication, display of artifacts and history.

Below are photos of ongoing renovations.  MAPS is always looking for help in these renovations, whether it be: labor, material or know-how.