Current & Upcoming

Facility Improvement/Educational Projects


Covered Entrance – Main Entrance; a new covered entrance way for inclement weather

New Galleries/Exhibits – Although finished with its construction/renovations in 2022, these 6 new connected rooms along the northwest side of the hangar of the 2nd floor are still being developed with the necessary cohesive contents from our volunteers.

These rooms are based on the following subject matters: The Bob Hope Room, Aviation Art Room, The Super Sabre and the final 3 rooms will be on the Vietnam War. The goal is to have these rooms finished in 2023.

A Korean Conflict & Cold War Exhibit will be added to the Gallery of Heroes and the 1st floor lobby by the elevator will have an Exhibit focused on The Global War on Terror.

Update the Simulator Room – Refurbishment of the simulator room, estimate $4,000, so it can be used once again as a classroom

Educational Programs – Continued emphasis on Educational Programs, Home & High School students, advance the Intern Program, inclusion of BSA Troops, Reenactors & CAP in Operational Activities and Training

Potential Capital Projects – updates to the power station and the boiler-room; addition of a 2nd hangar to get more of our aircraft out of the weather during the winter (Note: for the additional hangar to proceed, funds will need to not only bear the construction of the hangar, but the day-to-day costs as well, i.e. maintenance, utilities and additional volunteer staff).


Donate to the above causes HERE with a monetary donation through our portal.  If you want to donate to a specific section, please contact Kim Kovesci at 330-896-6332 or