Membership does not require you to Volunteer. However, if you want to volunteer for our many diverse needs, it is ONLY for the time that you have! There is no maximum or minimum to helping MAPS out.

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What are MAPS Members and what do they do?

MAPS is an all-volunteer organization.  From restoring aircraft to guiding tours to maintaining the facilities or helping with special events, there is something for everyone here at MAPS.  No experience with aircraft or museums is required.  Our volunteers like to have fun while keeping their museum running at its best.  There is no maximum or minimum amount of time for your volunteerism.  Only volunteer with the time you have!

We are looking for help in all areas! Here is a list of possible areas to volunteer:  tour guide, aircraft restoration, ground crew, office/administration, grant writing, displays/exhibits, library staff, public relations, historical writing, security/safety, IT work, grounds-keeping, building maintenance, newsletter/website, bookkeeping, gift shop or any other area that you think you can contribute.

If you have additional questions on what you could do to volunteer at the MAPS Air Museum, you can contact our Membership Coordinator Bob Schwartz at

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