“Super Sabre” Memorial Exhibit

The mission of the Super Sabre Society was to preserve the history of the F-100 Super Sabre and the men who flew the aircraft.

The Super Sabre Society was founded in 2006 to celebrate and preserve the legacy of the North American Aviation F-100 jet fighter aircraft.  The F-100 was the first jet aircraft capable of straight and level supersonic flight. The Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit was a dream of the Friends of the Super Sabre co-founder, Bob Dunham. 

Bob started the collection of memorabilia donated by other F-100 Super Sabre pilots and crew chiefs.  He never got to see his dream come true, but the Friends of the Super Sabre (FSS), Super Sabre Society (SSS) and MAPS Air Museum are continuing the mission to have the finest display of F-100 history in the world. This endeavor was to safeguard the history, materials and stories of the Super Sabre Society.

The permanent exhibit has developed nicely on the newly renovated second floor. This room is dedicated specifically for the Super Sabre Society at the MAPS Air Museum!

Come down to MAPS Air Museum soon to see this new permanent exhibit, the Super Sabre Memorial Exhibit!

While here, also take a look at the North American Super Sabre family of aircraft here at MAPS: F-86A Sabre, F-86D/L Sabre Dog, F-100D Super Sabre (Hun) and another F-86D Sabre Dog cockpit-only display. Plans to bring to MAPS in 2024?: a F-100F Super Sabre Wild Weasel!


Click on the Super Sabre Society logo below to go to their website, which will be preserved by the MAPS Air Museum.