MAPS Air Museum is a “working” Museum.  What does that mean?  Many of the aircraft that MAPS receives are dilapidated and need a lot of restoration work.  Due to that, this means many volunteer hours are not just going toward general maintenance/upkeep on aircraft, but also on continuous work to refurbish these aircraft. 

The aircraft under refurbishment at MAPS are at varying stages of repair or maintenance.  Anywhere from a completed aircraft that needs basic general maintenance, all the way down to extremely deteriorated aircraft that are dismantled to its base fuselage for work to be done. When one is complete, MAPS finds more aircraft to refurbish before they deteriorate too much.  Many are rare to find and/or heavily deteriorated. 

As an example, our B-26 Marauder of the WWII era required more than 13,500 volunteer man hours to repair.  This aircraft crash landed in early 1942, in British Columbia, Canada and stayed there for a long time before anyone attempted to revive this rare aircraft.  This aircraft at MAPS is only 1 of 4 fully refurbished aircraft on display in the world (only 1 of which is flyable) and another 3 at various degrees of repair.

Below you will find a listing of the types of aircraft, mostly military, that are in various stages of refurbishment.  A few aircraft are in our restricted Restoration building for heavy repairs. While many others are awaiting their turn to be fully restored, you can still see many of these aircraft on display at MAPS. 

MAPS Air Museum attains their aircraft through purchases, but also through indefinite loan agreements from many entities, such as: private collections, the M.A.R.C group, McKinley Museum and the United States Army, Navy and Air Force.  Below, you will see the listing of aircraft at the MAPS Air Museum.


AircraftNameBuilt by:Crew ChiefStatus of AircraftRole (primary listed first)Serial or
Bureau #
A7ECorsair IILing-Temco-Vought (LTV)Kim KovesciOn DisplayGround Attack159268
A-4SkyhawkDouglasJim JacksonOn DisplayGround Attack, Fighter139947
A-26CInvaderDouglasKen RamsayOn DisplayGround Attack43-22602
A-67DragonU.S. Aircraft Corp.n/an/a, in storageOne of a Kind (Observation, Reconnaissance)SR-P001 (N906US)
AH-1CobraBellJim BoyeaOn DisplayHelicopter (Ground Attack)70-16084
B-26BMarauderMartinDave PawskiOn DisplayGround Attack40-1459
BT-13AValiantVulteeLen PalmerRestricted, in Restoration BuildingTrainer41-21271
C-3n/aLinkLynn SmartOn DisplayTrainer (Simulator)n/a
C-47Skytrain (Gooney Bird)DouglasRon DuplainOn DisplayTransport45-928
EA-6BProwlerNorthrop Grummann/aOn DisplaySpecialty (Electronic Warfare/Ground Attack)163047
F4U/FG-1CorsairChance Vought/GoodyearDon NeidertOn Display - in sectionsFighter, Bombern/a
F9F-8PCougarGrummanMatt OltersdorfOn DisplayFighter144402
F-4SPhantomMcDonnell DouglasKen OlingerOn DisplayFighter, Ground Attack155764
F-11F-1TigerGrummanJack HastingsOn DisplayFighter57-0342
F-14ATomcatGrummanCarl BergsneiderOn DisplayFIghter, Ground Attack162694
F-16A Block 10DFighting FalconGeneral DynamicsClay ToberOn DisplayFighter, Ground Attack80-0513
F-84FThunderstreakRepublicPaul GatesOn DisplayGround Attack, Fighter, Reconnaissance52-6524
F-86ASabreNorth AmericanChet StarnRestricted, in Restoration BuildingFighter48-0263
F-86D/LSabreDog D/LNorth AmericanKent KleinknechtOn DisplayFighter53-0658
F-100DSuper Sabre (Hun)North AmericanKen RamsayOn DisplayGround Attack, Fighter56-3081
F-101FVoodooMcDonnellKent KleinknechtOn DisplayFighter57-0342
F-102ADelta DaggerConvairLarry LewisOn DisplayFighter56-0986
F-105BTunderchief (Thud)RepublicGeorge ShearwoodOn DisplayGround Attack, Fighter57-5820
GA-22ADrakeGoodyearWayne NoallOn DisplayOne of a Kind
GZ-22Spirit of AkronLoralDon NeidertOn DisplaySpecialty (Non-rigid Airship/blimp)4119
H-19ChicksawSikorskyn/aRestricted, in Restoration BuildingHelicopter (Transport)54-1412
HawkUltraCGS Aviationn/aOn DisplaySpecialty (Ultralight/Light Transport)
L-17BNavionRyanBruce BaloughOn DisplayLiaison, TrainerNAV4227
L-29DelfnAero VodochodyDave SandersOn DisplayTrainer, Ground Attack892-828
MartinGliderMartinBruce BaloughOn DisplayHistoricone of a kind
MiG-15bisFagotMikoyan-Gurevichn/aOn DisplayFighter526-116
MiG-17FrescoPolish WSK-MielecTony BistranskyOn DisplayFighter1J-04-19
MiG-21F-13FishbedMikoyan-GurevichCarl BergsneiderOn DisplayFighter506301
Model B-75-LFunk Model BAkron Aircraftn/aBeing renovatedHistoric205
OH-58KiowaBellJim BoyeaOn DisplayHelicopter (Observation, Reconnaissance)69-16153
OV-1AMohawkGrummanClay ToberRestricted, in Restoration buildingObservation, Ground Attack63-13128
P-51Mustang MockupNorth AmericanRon DuplainOn MAPS Entrance poleFightern/a
Pitts S-1Pitts SpecialHome BuiltJohn HarrisOn DisplaySpecialty (Aerobatic)149-H
PT-19CornellFairchildClay ToberOn DisplayTrainer43-31365
RB-1SnowbirdBecker-Home Builtn/an/a, in storageOne of a Kind (Transport)
S2F-1TrackerGrummanKim KovesciOn DisplaySpecialty (Anti-Submarine)136464
SNB-5ExpeditorBeechcraftChet StarnOn DisplayTrainer, Transport43-33316
Sopwith Tri-PlaneSopwith Tri-planeHome BuiltBill WoodallOn DisplayHistorical (Fighter)001
T-28TrojanNorth AmericanTony BistranskyOn DisplayTrainer, Ground Attack51-3565
T-33Shooting StarLockheedn/aOn DisplayTrainer53-5250
T-37ATweetCessnan/aOn DisplayTrainer54-2732
T-37B (Manf)TweetCessnaPaul GatesOn DisplayTrainer60-0188
U-11A/P-23-150DApachePipern/aOn DisplayLiaison23-894

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