Airwaves Radio Corner


Airwaves Radio Corner is an Member-owned Exhibit that features history on radio communication & its progression over the 20th Century, particularly as it applies to the military.  Hand-on equipment include such items as the Morse Code machine. Do you know where SOS came from or what was used prior to that?  The Airwaves Radio Corner is owned by Member Rick Willaman. 



Presently, a small section in the northeast side of the main hangar, is given an area for this piece of history.  Rick is always looking for additional help in maintaining the equipment and to give visitors information upon seeing all the extensive radio collection.


A newly designated building, location to the left of the main hangar entrance has been allocated to the Airwaves Radio Corner and is currently being renovated for viewing. 


Airwaves Radio Corner has its own group of radio enthusiasts. To go to their web pages click here or click on the picture.