Donating to the MAPS Air Museum has become easier and very user-friendly! On each of our Pages throughout the website on the right side-bar (as you can see on the right below the weather information), you will find a Donation button added that can be used for monetary donations to MAPS!  Options available:

  • Any dollar amount
  • One-time donation or recurring monthly donations
  • Pay from your PayPal account or credit card or debit card
  • After donation, you will be redirected to a secondary page where you can print our our 501(c)3 designation letter for tax purposes

Click the link on the right side-bar “Donate” button to donate now!

Your donations will go towards many museum needs, including, but no limited to: aircraft renovation (parts, mechanical supplies, cleaning, painting), acquisition/transportation of new display aircraft, new display items in the Gallery of Heroes & the Ohio Military Museum or just general facility cleaning/maintenance supplies!

If you want a monetary donation to go toward a specific project, please contact our Executive Director, Kim Kovesci at 330-896-6332.