STEM Aviation-Related Instructional Videos

This page is being developed to provide practical STEM instruction and instructional support materials involving aviation-related topics. You may see these and other Topics of discussion, both by MAPS Air Museum and others on our MAPS Air Museum YouTube Channel.

The lessons listed below will access video presentations developed here at MAPS covering a wide variety of aviation subjects as they relate to Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology. Additional programs are being developed and will be posted as they are finalized.

If there are topics that you wish covered, please send your requests to

The available STEM Video Lessons by MAPS Air Museum are in the following order:
  • 1.1 Forces Affecting Flight
  • 1.2: Weight
  • 1.3: Lift
  • 1.4: Drag
  • 1.5: Thrust
  • 2.1: Controls Overview
  • 2.2: Basic Flight Controls and Surfaces 
  • 2.3: Helicopter Flight Controls and Surfaces
  • 2.4: Advanced Flight Controls and Surfaces
  • 3.1: Lighter than Air Theory