The Medic’s Corner, located outside the hangar door, is Member-owned by Ted Mathies, who served during the Vietnam War.  Ted has 3 volunteers and is always looking for more help from the medical community to maintain his tent. 

Ted Mathies (r) with one of this Medic’s Corner assistants, Caitlin Peterson

The Medic’s Corner Exhibit is part of your entry fee into MAPS Air Museum, however, it is only open during warm weather, approximately early April (as soon as the weather breaks) to at least November 11th (Veteran’s Day), so contact MAPS during these opening/closing time frames to see if the tent is open to the general public.  Below, you can see just a snapshot of the many tools and equipment used for medical care during the late 20th Century:

Medics Corner

The Medic's Corner ~ member-owned by Ted Mathies

Reamer E. "Buzz" Sewell, Jr.'s POW Time-frame paraphernalia

The following letters, official documents, maps and tags are from Reamer Sewell, Jr's time from first going missing-in-action, through his time as POW and the end of war release.

Reamer E. "Buzz" Sewell, Jr. Diary

The following is a diary secretly written by Reamer E. "Buzz" Sewell, Jr. while held prisoner during WWII in Germany. This diary and other artifacts were graciously entrusted by the Sewell family.


The Louise Timken Library is available for your enjoyment or research.