The Gallery of Heroes at MAPS Air Museum helps you explore those individuals, events and groups that have greatly shaped America’s history.  Here you can see a sampling of our displays: 

Come on in to MAPS to see these Heroes and learn a more detailed story on how they helped transform America, along with the many others that have sacrificed their time and in many cases, their lives.

Below are ONLINE EXTRAS for Displays currently in the Gallery of Heroes:


For the Leland J. “Lee” Kessler Display:

The Gallery of Heroes at MAPS Air Museum is also proud to have a unique access to his personal scrapbook thanks to the generosity of his family.

The digitized scrapbook has been split into three parts. The links will open in the Flipsnack website.

View Lee Kessler Scrapbook 1

View Lee Kessler Scrapbook 2

View Lee Kessler Scrapbook 3



For the Reamer E. “Buzz” Sewell, Jr. Display:

The following is a diary secretly written by Reamer E. "Buzz" Sewell, Jr. while held prisoner during WWII in Germany. This diary and other artifacts were graciously entrusted by the Sewell family.
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The following letters, official documents, maps and tags are from Reamer Sewell, Jr's time from first going missing-in-action, through his time as POW and the end of war release.
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