Before & After Photos of MAPS aircraft

What does your donations and entry fees go toward here at MAPS? MAPS Air Museum is a working museum. In addition to acquiring and working on displays for areas like the Gallery of Heroes, MAPS is continually active on renovating and bringing back to life aviation’s past! Do you know the condition of many of […]

Renovation Activities ~ 8/20/20

From Ken Ramsay: I am going to try a little different format this time.   From Richard Willaman: Few hours of work getting the GO-9 transmitter to the display area for the radio section this morning. Display is not done yet. the receiver will be on a box to the left of the transmitter. Just […]

Renovation Activities ~ 7/31/20

From Ken Ramsay (last Saturday):  Wayne, you will like this.  Ken Olinger completed the assembly of the Drake’s repaired landing gear lower strut.  After lunch, we installed the gear on the aircraft.  The upper strut was swung away from the fuselage and the lower strut attached.  Then Jim brought in a fork lift and raised […]

Renovation Activities ~ 7/20/20

From Ken Ramsay: Hot, hot, hot. We were visited by a few motorcycles looking for a rest stop and cold water (photo).  Valerie, with the help of Kim had plenty of cold water on hand (photo).   I loaded the 2.75 inch rockets into the LAU-61 pod (2 photos) and then Ron and I installed […]

Renovation Activities ~ 7/17/20

From Ken Ramsay: The BT-13 has left the [renovation] building!   John had planned to move the wings to the hanger,  position the BT-13 fuselage at the door and then move it on Thursday.  Didn’t work out that way.  The wings were moved and the fuselage positioned but there was a lot of time left […]