Renovation Activities ~ 6/3/20

From Webmaster: Member access to the museum is still restricted. From Ken Ramsay: Work continues on the banquet center.  The bathrooms are finished and are waiting on the stall partitions.  Today the carpet was being laid (2 photos).  Ray is installing window sills (photo), and the view from the bar area is great (2 photos). […]

2020 MAPS Air Museum Raffle winners

Here are the results for the 2020 MAPS Raffle:  $1,000.00    Milikin, Sarah-Ashley; 1320 Betsy Dr, Charlotte, NC 282112 $500.00       Stahl, Richard; 4724 Preserve Dr NW, Canton, OH 447083 $250.00       Gilbride, Emma; 4488 Regal Dr, Copley, OH 443214 $125.00        Russinko, Dick; 40 Wilson Ave, Riverdale, NJ 74575 $75.00  […]

National Medal of Honor Day ~ March 25th

NATIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR DAY ~ March 25th ~ In 1990, the United States Congress designated March 25th of each year as National Medal of Honor Day. Over the decades, 3,525 Medals of Honor have been awarded to 3,506 individuals. The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration that may be awarded by the […]

Renovation Activities ~ 3/21/20

Although temporarily closed to the general public, some of  the Members were able to get some time in on their projects. From Ken Ramsay: The F-100’s ladder is finished.  I put the non-slip material on the rungs which completes the ladder’s restoration (photo). Jim continues to work on the new sliding doors for the restoration […]