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Military Aviation Preservation Society is a mostly all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about the history of military aviation.
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2017 Raffle Winners Announced

Thank you for supporting MAPS Air Museum’s 2017 Raffle. The revenue generated helps our operations during slow times of the year. This year’s results were just short of our all time record of $12,000. 

  • $1,000     1st Place – Ron Dougherty
  • $   500     2nd Place – Dale Messner
  • $   250     3rd Place – Robert Austin
  • $   125     4th Place – Doug Tackett
  • $     75     5th Place – Tom Luczynski
  • $     50     6th Place – Bill Bracken

Again thank you for your support.

Feb 11 @ 11:00 A Year in Review

Saturday Feb 11 at 11:00 am, Kim Kovesci will present 2016 in review. He will talk about the financial status of the organization along with all of the events, activities, improvements that have been made during 2016. He will also talk about the objectives to be addressed in 2017. All members are welcome, it will be held in the Louise Timken Aviation Library. 

Akron Beacon’s Best

Actual Voting Starts Feb 12 – 26 

Please help MAPS Air Museum receive a high ranking by voting for us at The Akron Beacon Journal’s Best in Category. Click HERE to register and vote. You can vote every day. We will not be sure which categories we are in until the first day.

Thanks for the help.

Ohio Military Museum’s New Home

MAPS Air Museum is renovating a large room that will house the collection from the Ohio Military Museum. It will be located on the second floor of the main hangar. The major delay was due to the requirement to install an elevator which was recently approved by the State of Ohio.

We have modified the website under the tab of displays to include some renovation pictures for the OMM Room. You can click HERE to go to the pictures.

We still have some renovations to finish and some cabinets to build before we turn it over for the collections to be added. Hopefully, they will be able to start installing the displays in May.