Renovation Activities ~ 7/2/20

From Ken Ramsay: No, I didn’t make it to Florida.  Was heading down I-77 and when we reached the 118 Exit the car automatically turned off heading for MAPS.  Actually, a surge in virus cases in the Jacksonville Beach area made the decision for us. Ron and I spent the morning cleaning up the flight […]

Cancellations at MAPS Air Museum

MAPS Air Museum regretfully announces the cancellation of the following Events due to the Covid-19 issues:  Participation in the NFL Hall of Fame parade MAPS Pancake Breakfast scheduled for August 16th The 11th Annual Car Show for August 29th The Veterans Celebration VIII scheduled for November 14th Thank you for supporting our decision to protect […]

A User-friendly Monetary Donation Feature Added

Donating to the MAPS Air Museum has become easier and very user-friendly! On each of our Pages throughout the website on the right side-bar (as you can see on the right below the weather information), you will find a Donation button added that can be used for monetary donations to MAPS!  Options available: Any dollar […]

Renovation Activities ~ 6/25/20

From Ken Ramsay: Lots of activity at MAPS today. Ron and I spent the morning scraping the moss, grass, weeds, dirt, etc from the flight line, loading the stuff into trash cans and putting the stuff in the dumpster.  We loaded and dumped 10 trash cans.  We cleaned from the C-47 to the F-101.  The […]

Renovation Activities ~ 6/18/20

Many volunteers were finally able to get active again with each of their projects on Wednesday, June 17th. Currently, only two days each week are authorized for volunteer activity (unless otherwise approved by Kim): Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 AM -4:30 PM.   From Ken Ramsay (on 6-18-20):   Hey, we are open for volunteers. […]

Volunteers/Member/Guest access update!

Reopening UPDATE (as of 7-11-20): Members/volunteers (for the foreseeable future): You are currently required to watch an approximately 45 minute video to resume volunteer access (in the Library) and can be done 10 AM on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You need to be PRE-CHECKED by Kim before doing it. Volunteers who have completed the video will […]

MAPS Air Museum Fundraiser with Music by LaFlavour

MAPS Air Museum Fundraiser with Music by LaFlavour 6/20/2020 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Doors open at 5:00 pm Come enjoy the music of LaFlavour at this MAPS Air Museum fundraiser in our main hangar. We will be following the mandatory state requirements for COVID-19 pandemic. The cost of each ticket is $10. There […]