Mathies: A Medic’s Story

North Canton Schools (NCtv) produced an excellent video piece on one of MAPS own members, Ted Mathies.  NCtv developed this 20 minute video, Mathies: A Medic’s Story, covering his transition from a high school student through his involvement in the Vietnam war and its affect on him afterward.  An additional subplot of the video contains […]

What constitutes a radio on a WWII era bomber?

A typical large bomber during World War 2 had a crew of up to 10 members. This consisted of the pilot, co-pilot, navigator, radioman, bombardier and up to 5 gunners located on strategic positions along the aircraft. And surprisingly for the early 1940’s, the aircraft was loaded with electronics. Update on MAPS own B-26 radio […]

Commemorative Brick Program

Looking for a way to honor a friend or family member that had served in the military honorably?  We have a great idea for you and one that will last a long time: MAPS Commemorative Brick Program.   Do this for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, a birthday or just because.  See the below program […]

Veterans Day Benefit Concert beneficiaries

As MAPS Air Museum honors Veterans with the Veterans Day Benefit Concert festuring the Akron Youth Symphony. Two entities solely share in benefiting from this concert.  MAPS Air Museum donated the use of the facility for this purpose also. The Ohio Regional Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee Region 1/NE Ohio (RISFACs) The ISFAC (Ohio Inter-Service Family […]

Holiday Gift Ideas?

Looking for that unique gift for someone special during the Holidays?  The MAPS Gift Shop, at the MAPS Air Museum, may have exactly what you are looking for! No entry fee is required for the gift shop, so stop in during Holiday shopping season and take a look!

Eagle Scout Project ~ Ryan Kalmar

Ryan Kalmar, a 17 year old senior at Hoover High School, is working hard for his Eagle Scout Rank in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) at the MAPS Air Museum.  Ryan is a member of Troop 935 and part of his activities going toward the rank is volunteering to paint the barn, located to […]

MAPS has a new arrival, the OV-1 Mohawk!

MAPS Air Museum welcomed its newest arrival today, the OV-1 Mohawk!  The Mohawk arrived in the early 1960’s as an observation aircraft with light ground attack capabilities for direct support of the U.S. Army.  This Grumman built aircraft was meant to operate on unimproved/short runways and to replace the L-19 Bird Dog.  The side-by-side piloted […]

How can you “retire” your worn U.S. Flag?

MAPS Air Museum, in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America, properly retires U.S. Flags  and other Military flags on Flag Day (June 14th of each year) and 2 other times a year.  You can deposit your worn and tattered flag in MAPS Air Museums own depository.  Deposited flags will be properly retained until a […]