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MAPS Air Museum is an internationally known museum of aviation and serves as a center of aviation history for Northeast Ohio. The museum features exciting educational displays of its collection of acquired artifacts, interactive exhibits and historical archives in its own library.

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Demonstrations are an active part of an aircraft restoration facility, with technical training afforded all personnel.

MAPS raises awareness of military aircraft through special programming at the museum, visitation to schools and groups in the area, as well as participation in aviation events.

The museum will serve as a meeting center benefiting the community through involvement in various outside local activities.

You feel it when you first step into the hangar.  Here, you are surrounded by extraordinary aircraft.  From the earliest days of flying to supersonic jets, each aircraft is significant in its contribution to aviation history.  This is where you can see aircraft that helped to win wars, push the boundaries of flight and change the face of society.

History is not made by airplanes, but by the men and women who designed, built and flew them.  Our “Gallery of Hero’s” gives you the stories of many of these people: of their sacrifices and their achievements.  You can even see a relic from the USS Arizona, sunk by a Japanese air attack at Pearl Harbor.

Our tour guides will enhance your visit with interesting background about our displays.  Who knows?  They may even share some of their experiences with you.  Ask about tours of the restoration area of the museum.

Whether you have an hour or a whole day, there’s something for you at MAPS.

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Where History Takes Flight!

Goal of providing entertaining education to the public:

Our mission is to educate the public on the History of Aviation and its impact on man. To accomplish this mission, we acquire, restore and display aircraft and memorabilia associated with aviation. We have developed programs with many organizations to improve the visibility of museum.


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