MAPS Receives a Grant From The Timken Foundation

MAPS Air Museum received a grant from The Timken Foundation. This grant will be used for Phase II of the second floor renovation. The foundation was instrumental in Phase I which included the elevator, radiant heat and the storage room. (The OMM Room was funded by the Ward and Joy Timken Foundation)

Phase II will include the meeting room (funded by Green Lions Club), the restrooms and HVAC for the entire second floor. Phase III (start 2018) will complete the banquet hall and the museum rooms. Phase IV (start 2019) will complete the kitchen.

We want to thank the Timken Foundation, Louise Timken Foundation and Ward and Joy Timken Foundation for their support and guidance over the years. They have been responsible for funding the following improvements: 

  • Renovating all of the restrooms in the hangar
  • Renovating the gift shop
  • Renovating the Gallery of Heroes
  • Renovating the Louise Timken Research Library
  • Repairing the roofs
  • Renovating the Ohio Military Room
  • Installing the radiant heat in the hangar
  • Installing the elevator
  • Purchasing bricks for the banding around the hangar