Our Aircraft’s History

Martin B-26 “Marauder” (S/N 40-1459; MSN 99) ~ Our Marauder was built at the Glenn L. Martin Company factory in Baltimore, Maryland and delivered to the US Army Air Force on June 30, 1941. She was one of the first 100 built (#99). Here is her very short “flying” history:

  • October 1941 – Sacramento Air Depot, California for Winterization
  • January 1942 – 77th Bombardment Squadron, 4th Air Force, Elmendorf Field, Alaska.  On her way to its first assignment, she crashed, en route to Alaska, near Smith River, British Columbia, Canada on January 16, 1942, with the crew being rescued on January 19.
  • February 1942 – Aircraft is abandoned in place. Listed as “Condemned per Budget Report” on February 17.
  • April 1942 – Army Air Force salvage teams remove engines, landing gear, radio equipment, and radios from wreck
  • September 1971 – Recovery started by Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation (MARC), Chino California and placed in storage.

MAPS Air Museum undertakes its biggest challenge in its short life by obtaining the B-26 from MARC on indefinite loan in August 1994. Over 14000+ hours have went into her restoration. She is currently maintained and occasionally tweaked by Crew Chief Dave Pawski.

In 1994, this was the starting point for our volunteers. 14,000+ volunteer worker hours went into bringing this Marauder back to life.

Specifications/Performance (B-26G)

  • Role: Medium Bomber
  • Manufacturer: Martin Company
  • First Flight: November 25, 1940
  • Introduction: 1941
  • Produced: 1941-1945
  • Built: 5,288
  • Unit cost: $102,659/B-26A
  • Crew: 7 (2 pilots, bombardier/radio operator, navigator/radio operator, 3 gunners)
  • Length: 58 ft 3 in
  • Wingspan: 71 ft
  • Height: 21 ft 6 in
  • Empty weight: 24,000 lb
  • Loaded weight: 37,000 lb
  • Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney R-2800-43 radials, 2,000-2,200 hp each
  • Max speed: 287 mph at 5,000 ft
  • Cruise speed: 216 mph
  • Combat radius: 1,150 mi
  • Ferry range: 2,850 mi
  • Service ceiling: 21,000 ft

Armament, notable

  • Guns: 12 x .50 in. Browning machine guns
  • Bombs: 4,000 lbs 

Museum display note: Our B-26 has the “Susie-Q” name in honor of Pilot Jim Muri who attacked the carrier Akagi during the Battle of Midway. After dropping the torpedo, the Akagi turned into his flight path. He had no choice but to fly up the flight deck. A painting was later made of Jim’s specifications

Replaced the: Douglas B-18 “Bolo”

Replaced by: North American B-25 “Mitchell”

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