Renovation Activities ~ 9/11/20

From Ken Ramsay:

The clean-up last Saturday went well.  Lots of dirt, chips and dust removed.  Next clean-up is Saturday, October 3.

From Richard Willaman:

Thanks to Ken and Ted I have some more accessories for the radio displays. Thank you.
These will help make up the portable radio display for Vietnam that will go behind the
GZ-22 back door showcase. 
Next project is to mount a board on the wall. This will have the TV / Monitor mounted
for the Code Talker and Morse Code videos.  If room the Semaphore flag display.  
Plans are in the making for the Ashland airport Long Wave transmitter. It was built in 
1942 I think. It would send out a coded signal to beacon the aircraft to the airport. 
Donations like this help to keep the radio history alive by displaying them.  Soon I hope
my lady member will be back. She did a very good poster describing the Code Talker radio
that was donated to me. Also the switchboard.  These make a display come alive. 
It was good to see tours walking around with tour guides. Members working on planes. One is 
Chet, who was doing work on the nose of the SNB-5 (photo above). 
Wasn’t taking the picture of the young couple walking down the crack that run NNW and SSE.
Interesting. It welcomes you at the main door from the Gift Shop.  Something I have been 
watching for years. When working in the Sheriden Cave. I had a test pit to find the floor of 
the cave. 7 feet down I found the bedrock. It had a crack through it. I was able to break off
an edge of it. It was filled with a reddish orange liquide. What was on the piece was a good size
dog tooth crystal. We had to leave to get home on the long 3 hour drive. That week there were 
heavy rains up there. Getting back to the cave the flood water washed the pit in. That was the end
 since I found what was the floor of the cave. Just wanted to pass it on.
Many years of picture and video taking with the earlier stuff lost.
MAPS Air Museum radio section became my next big chapter in my life.