Renovation Activity Update ~ 11/11/19

From Ken Ramsay:

I’m back from 2 weeks in Florida.  
The Funk’s repaired wing has been covered, coated and stretched.  Lookin good (photo). The rivets have been installed in the F-86’s right two panels.  
It was a struggle, but a job well done (photo). Kent has the F-105’s horizontal tail assembly in restoration (2 photos).  The plan is too remove all of the patches and then replace or patch skin as necessary.  Replacement seems the logical path.
The AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles have been installed on our F-16 (photo).  She is ready for dedication on Saturday.  
Work continues on the Corsair.  The steel mount for the tail wheel has been installed on the aft section (photo) and Dave continues to make bulkheads for the tail section (photo).
Our A-4 really looked nice in the sunshine (photo) as does the flight line (photo).  When you think about it, we have the largest mobile aircraft collection in the state and probably the country.
Couldn’t pass up a photo of the A-26 (photo).

From Richard Willaman:

Walked over after working on a switchboard I received from a donation.
Donations are fun because they are a project waiting to come alive.
Many time visitors say they have a radio or something military. They say 
they will bring it in for me. I tell them I would like to display the item, rotar
the items so the show cases are changing ever so often through the year.
Larry is working on the C-47 mural  as you get off the elevator on the second floor 
to go to the Military Museum display room.
Larry and I were playing with LED light to light up one of the many acrylic guard
panels in the catwalk.  Looks interesting.
The lay out is set up for those who made it in before the deadline for Saturday’s event.
Aultman brought up some of the wheelchair bound seniors.  Here one was Jack who used
to be in WWII uniform at events.