Renovation, Event Activity and “The Briefing” Newsletter ~ 12/2/19

MAPS Air Museum’s quarterly newsletter, “The Briefing (Dec 19 – Feb 20, Volume 30, Issue 4)”, is now available to view!  A special THANK YOU to Editor, Marylou Thompson, for taking the time to put this out every 3 months!  This issue has information on the following, to name a few: Collings Foundation update, how troops celebrated Christmas during conflicts and an essay by Reed Kimball on Operation Watch on the Rhein.

From Ken Ramsay: 

Both F-105 drop tanks have been disassembled (photo).  Ugly patches are being removed.  Smooth patches will be applied.  The second tail cone has been fabricated and is in my basement for final touch-up.

The Funk now has its nose, propeller and engine cowling (photo).
The MK 13 torpedo has been painted (2 photos).  Ron started it last week and finished it up today.  Lettering is next.
The OV-1’s landing gear is being painted white (photo).  Looks very nice.
Pieces for the Corsair’s horizontal stabilizer are being fabricated (photo).  Many, many small pieces.

From Richard Willaman, select photos from the Santa Fly-in this weekend:

From Richard Willaman, a display put on by the Ohio Military Museum (MAPS own museum, within a museum) regarding the Battle of the Bulge: