EA-6B Prowler arrives at MAPS Air Museum!

This Prowler (serial #163047) came in late Thursday morning, the 17th of January. The flight crew that brought it in was the following: Lt. Col. Andrew Rundle “Grundy”/ Commanding Officer Capt. Ryan Mikolajczyk “Poodini” / ECMO Capt. Patrick Madrid “Spanish” / ECMO Capt. Andrew MacDonald “Ducks”  Enjoy the video below of the Prowlers arrival and […]

What was it like to be a passenger in the 1930’s?

Below is an interesting article depicting commercial flying as a passenger in the 1930’s through the start of World War II. This luxury flying was particularly experienced on the Boeing 314 Clipper. The Yankee Clipper (74 passengers; 180 mph; 3800 mile range) was the larger of the two, with the China Clipper (41 passengers; 130 […]

EA-6B Prowler to be new addition at MAPS!

.The Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler will become a new addition to the list of aircraft at the MAPS Air Museum. This aircraft, serial # 163045, served in the Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 2 (VMAQ-2) of the United States Marine Corps, which is part of the Marine Aircraft Group 14, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing with the […]

A-26 Invader primary refurbishment complete at MAPS

The newly finished Douglas A-26 Invader being towed out recently at MAPS Air Museum! MAPS received this A-26 in January of 2012.  Over the next 7 years, volunteers put in excess of 10,000 worker-hours into refurbishing the Invader to its former glory. Congratulations to Crew Chief Ken Ramsay and his crew for a job well done.  […]

Santa Fly-in 2018 ~ Update

PLEASE NOTE!!!   We are glad so many of you are interested in attending this event however, in order to make sure everyone has a good time, especially the kids, we find that we will have to limit attendance to 300 children.   We are sorry if this causes any issues for anyone but, our […]