Renovation activities ~ 1/20/20

From Ken Ramsay this past week: The Funk is in the box.  Actually, we loaded it into the trailer on Saturday.  Went in just as John had planned.  No injuries, no damage (3 photos) Chet has started priming the F-86A.  The repair work has turned out excellent  (photo).   Also, Chet installed the newly refurbished […]

Renovation Activities ~ 1/4/20

From Ken Ramsay: Busy day today.  We started out my having a 2 hour clean-up session in the restoration building.  Got rid of a lot of old stuff.  We have two large trash cans of aluminum for recycling and a bunch of cans full of trash.  We plan on doing this clean-up session on the […]

Renovation Activities ~ 12/29/19

From Gary Haught:  Dave Bell and I fixed a case light in the Gallery, adjusted the strip lights in the new cases in the elevator lobby. We stripped all the wrapping, tape, etc off the cases.   With the help of George, Rick Hamlet and Bill Cody; we installed the little slider feet on the […]

Renovation Activities ~ 12/23/19

From Ken Ramsay:  Ron finished up the F-105 tank tail fins by filling the tips with fiber body putty and then a bunch of sanding.  He then applied a coat of primer (photos).  They are now ready for installation and painting. I finished making two side panels for the tank pylons.  They will be ready […]

Renovation Activities ~ 12/21/19

From Ken Ramsay: The F-105 tanks are coming along.  Lots of rivet drilling and body putty (photo). The Corsair tail wheel assembly has been trial fitted to the aft fuselage.  Looks really good (2 photos).   The MK 13 torpedo is now located under the B-26 (above photo).  Eventually it will be mounted on the […]

Renovation Activities ~ 12/15/19

From Ken Ramsay: So, I had a computer glitz and lost most of the photos I took today, story of my life.  Will take more and send on Wednesday. The Funk is getting ready to be suspended in the terminal (photos).  The finishing touches and lettering are being added.  Obviously the wings will be removed […]

Renovation Activities ~ 12/9/19

    From Ken Ramsay:   We installed the OV-1’s left horizontal stabilizer assembly which took a bunch of muscle, wiggling and pounding but we finally got the 6 bolts (three different sizes) installed and tightened.  Then someone said, why not install the outboard vertical stabilizers.  So we did (photo).  They went on relatively ease […]