A-26 Invader primary refurbishment complete at MAPS

The newly finished Douglas A-26 Invader being towed out recently at MAPS Air Museum! MAPS received this A-26 in January of 2012.  Over the next 7 years, volunteers put in excess of 10,000 worker-hours into refurbishing the Invader to its former glory. Congratulations to Crew Chief Ken Ramsay and his crew for a job well done.  […]

Santa Fly-in 2018 ~ Update

PLEASE NOTE!!!   We are glad so many of you are interested in attending this event however, in order to make sure everyone has a good time, especially the kids, we find that we will have to limit attendance to 300 children.   We are sorry if this causes any issues for anyone but, our […]

Arsenal Collection now on MAPS website

U.S. DAACM CBU-98/B 850 lb. Anti-Airfield Cluster Bomb

The MAPS Air Museum website now has a new Arsenal Collection page for reference.  As with this photo of the DAACM CBU-98/B Cluster Bomb, a prototype 850 lb. anti-airfield cluster bomb, MAPS has been accumulating a wide variety of items for its collection.  This page is in addition to the page that went live on […]

MAPS Air Museum aircraft Inventory

Easy categorized table for aircraft reference has been added to the website for your use. The Table can be put into alphabetic order by the users preference in the following categories: aircraft ID, nickname, manufacturer, crew chief, status of aircraft, aircraft role and serial/bureau #.  This listing will be maintained at the bottom of the […]

Mathies: A Medic’s Story

North Canton Schools (NCtv) produced an excellent video piece on one of MAPS own members, Ted Mathies.  NCtv developed this 20 minute video, Mathies: A Medic’s Story, covering his transition from a high school student through his involvement in the Vietnam war and its affect on him afterward.  An additional subplot of the video contains […]

What constitutes a radio on a WWII era bomber?

A typical large bomber during World War 2 had a crew of up to 10 members. This consisted of the pilot, co-pilot, navigator, radioman, bombardier and up to 5 gunners located on strategic positions along the aircraft. And surprisingly for the early 1940’s, the aircraft was loaded with electronics. Update on MAPS own B-26 radio […]

Commemorative Brick Program

Looking for a way to honor a friend or family member that had served in the military honorably?  We have a great idea for you and one that will last a long time: MAPS Commemorative Brick Program.   Do this for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, a birthday or just because.  See the below program […]