Veterans Day Celebration Sold out!

From Executive Director, Kim Kovesci:   I want to thank everyone who is planning on coming to our Veteran’s Day Celebration at MAPS Air Museum. We are sold out and are not accepting any more reservations.   In honor of the veterans, the 180th  Fighter Wing, 112th Fighter Squadron is sending an F-16 from Toledo. […]

MAPS Veterans Celebration VII on November 9th

We recently had representatives visit from Oshkosh and the Air Force Museum in Dayton. Both groups made the same comments. They were amazed at the stories we were telling about the people. They said,” We have airplanes and tell stories about them, but your stories about the people are fantastic”. That is what makes us special! […]

Renovation Activity Update 10-10-19

Wednesday from Ken Ramsay: The first TOW Missile has been installed on the Cobra (photo above and below).  Still needs marking applied.  Will make 7 more in the near future. The Sidewinder factory is in high gear (photos).  The priority is to get 2 installed on the F-16 for its dedication.     Our F-101 […]

Restoration/Event Activity Update 10-7-19

From Ken Ramsay (Wednesday): The F-16 really looks nice (3 photos).  The painting is pretty well done, just some touch-up work to do. The BT-13 is BLUE (2 photos).  John and his crew are doing a great job of painting and protecting other projects in the restoration building.   And finally the gun turret has been installed […]

Restoration/Event Activity Update 10-1-19

From Ken Ramsay: This was Scout Week-end so most of my time was spent teaching pre-flight to the scouts.  In addition to boys, we had 2 lady scout troops.  A little over 100 scouts, very nice group, well behaved and interested in the program.   Ron and I installed the remaining 2 AN-M57 250 LB […]

Restoration/Event Activity Update 9-26-19

From Ken Ramsay: The AN-M57 250 LB bombs are coming along (2 photos).   Seven are finished and the remaining 3 will be finished on Wednesday.  Then we hang them in the A-26.   The BT-13 is turning blue.  John painted most of the panels and cowling (2 photos) and is currently masking the tail […]

Restoration Activity Update 9-19-19

From last week: MAPS Air Museum would like to acknowledge Ryan Monroe Kalmar for his Boy Scout Eagle Project to restore our shed, paint it and place Snoopy on top. Snoopy was created and placed on his dog house as a weather vane to honor the world famous WWI Flying ACE created by Charles M. […]

Renovation Activity Update 9-5-19

From this past week at MAPS; From Richard Willaman: Went to the radio building to check things out. Took these (photos) while I was there. The old hangar, now museum, sure has changed. Looking great, thank you to all who volunteer that made this change.  Was doing my own restoration to the radio building. Still […]