A-26 Invader Update ~ 2/28/2019

From A-26 Crew Chief, Ken Ramsay: Last Saturday Bruce and I did clean-up and touch-up work, painting, dusting, etc.  Our graphics department made us a vinyl serial number for the tail.  We didn’t have time to apply it but we did put a serial number locating tape line on the tail. Today, Mark applied the […]

A-26 Invader Restoration Update

From Ken Ramsay, crew chief for the A-26 Invader: Last Saturday I worked with the curators and found a Korea era parachute.  I took it home to repair and rejuvenate it.  After cleaning the cockpit (vacuum and dusting) I placed the parachute in the pilots seat.  That area is now complete with parachute, seat cushion, […]

Winter weather closing!

MAPS Air Museum will be closed to visitors and volunteers due to frigid weather expected from Tuesday, January 29th through Thursday, January 31st.  Thank you for your understanding. Normal hours are expected on Friday, February 1st.

EA-6B Prowler arrives at MAPS Air Museum!

This Prowler (serial #163047) came in late Thursday morning, the 17th of January. The flight crew that brought it in was the following: Lt. Col. Andrew Rundle “Grundy”/ Commanding Officer Capt. Ryan Mikolajczyk “Poodini” / ECMO Capt. Patrick Madrid “Spanish” / ECMO Capt. Andrew MacDonald “Ducks”  Enjoy the video below of the Prowlers arrival and […]

What was it like to be a passenger in the 1930’s?

Below is an interesting article depicting commercial flying as a passenger in the 1930’s through the start of World War II. This luxury flying was particularly experienced on the Boeing 314 Clipper. The Yankee Clipper (74 passengers; 180 mph; 3800 mile range) was the larger of the two, with the China Clipper (41 passengers; 130 […]