EA-6B Prowler arrives at MAPS Air Museum!

On its last final approach to the Akron Canton Airport. Photo-Logan Coy Sisca

This Prowler (serial #163047) came in late Thursday morning, the 17th of January. The flight crew that brought it in was the following:

  • Lt. Col. Andrew Rundle “Grundy”/ Commanding Officer
  • Capt. Ryan Mikolajczyk “Poodini” / ECMO
  • Capt. Patrick Madrid “Spanish” / ECMO
  • Capt. Andrew MacDonald “Ducks” 

Enjoy the video below of the Prowlers arrival and the slideshow of photos on MAPS newest addition, the EA-6B Prowler, on indefinite loan from the the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Thank you NMMC!

The aircraft was last assigned to the following flight crew:

Capt. E.P. “Fonix” Bottorff

Capt. M.A. “Pampers” Wright

Capt. D.P. “Hodor” Langford

Capt. M.D. “Daice” Schwier

Last assigned ground crew:

Sgt. Natalie R. Fernandez

Cpl. Jacob R. Howard