June 13th MAPS Members meeting information


At this time, museums have not received authorization from Governor Dewine to open to the general public.  

During the past several months, I have been contacted by volunteers as to when they can return.  Those requests were followed up by an email, explaining the small core group that was permitted to work through this pandemic.  Safety was and will remain our main focus at MAPS.

We are now preparing for your return, as volunteers, to the museum. With that being said, a team has been created to implement guidelines.

On Saturday, June 13 at 11:00 am we will have our Membership Meeting. 

  • If you don’t feel comfortable around other people, please do not come.

  • If you have been sick within the 14 days as of June 13, or been exposed to someone who has, please do not come.  

  • Please do not arrive any earlier than 10:30 am.

  • Requirements to attend the membership meeting; 

    • We require you to wear a mask inside the hangar

    • We will take your temperature before entering the hangar

    • You will be asked to answer several questions

    • Please maintain 6 ft social distancing at all times

  • Following check-in, everyone will be required to go directly to the main hangar where chairs supporting social distancing requirements will be set up. Please do not walk around the building but go directly to the chairs. (after the meeting, you will be able to walk around)

  • Do not enter the Restoration Building.  It will only be open to the core group of volunteers.

In addition to our updates at the membership meeting, nominations for Directors will also be accepted.  Normally the nomination process is in March and April followed by the election in June.  Due to our shutdown, the Directors voted to start the process at the next membership meeting per Section 4.05 of the Code of Regulations. There are 3 positions up for election this year. Nominations will be accepted at the June and July meeting with the election held in August.  The nominee must be a member in good standing for at least one (1) year.  

Directly after the Monthly Meeting, will be a training session for members who are interested in returning as a volunteer at MAPS.  Attendance to this meeting is mandatory, regardless of your volunteer role at MAPS.

Effective Wednesday, June 17 at 9:00 am, we will begin our new check-in procedures for those volunteers who have attended a training session.  Anyone who has not attended the Volunteer Training Program will not be allowed to volunteer until they have completed a training session. 

There will be an additional training June 17 at 10:00 am.  

** (Additional training will be scheduled as needed.  The dates and times of these sessions will be announced.)

Thank you for your patience. Remember, our main concern is the safety of our volunteers.  

We are looking forward to seeing you back at MAPS!

Kim Kovesci, Executive Director