Mathies: A Medic’s Story

North Canton Schools (NCtv) produced an excellent video piece on one of MAPS own members, Ted Mathies.  NCtv developed this 20 minute video, Mathies: A Medic’s Story, covering his transition from a high school student through his involvement in the Vietnam war and its affect on him afterward.  An additional subplot of the video contains information on the civil rights movement and the counter-culture events of that era. 

If you would like to meet Ted, he is the member-owner of the very detailed Field Hospital tent at MAPS Air Museum.  Though the tent is currently closed for the winter, expect it to reopen when the weather breaks around April, 2019.  Otherwise, you can still see Ted at MAPS volunteering in the Safety area.  

Please enjoy the video below.  

Mathies: A Medic’s Story

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