MIA Recoveries seeks help to recover remains of WWII B-25D crew in India

The mission with MIA Recoveries, Inc., is tentatively planned for November or December and will take between 3-6 weeks.

They are about a quarter of the way to raising the $100,000 needed to cover all the anticipated costs to identify and gets the remains of these 5 airmen turned over to DPAA for identification, but they are confident that if they can get the word out to lots of people- especially in Ohio, they will want to help.

No one is going to get any compensation from these donations all of which will be tax-deductible and only be for use for the “Blackie’s Gang” (Information on this WWII aircraft and its crew is in a Youtube video below),

This is an effort to fund an all-volunteer recovery mission of five WW-2 airmen associated with “Blackie’s Gang”, three of whom were from Ohio and were shot down in NE India in 1943. They were on a rescue mission of a crew from a downed US aircraft.

More information, including this Project contact information and other activities can be obtained on their Website or Facebook page.


Thanks for all your support!