Restoration/Event Activity Update 10-18-19

From Ken Ramsay:

Rivets are being installed in the F-86 panel, screaming and kicking, I might add (photo).  Because of all the internal structure and tubing it is very difficult to get a bucking bar behind the rivet in order to set it.  Not much room for a hand, let alone a bucking bar in a hand.  Also a little painful.  

The BT-13 is now yellow and blue (photo).  John and crew painted the yellow Sunday and Monday.  Now final assembly can begin.

Our M-13 torpedo has been painted (photo).  Ron applied a few coats of black and grey which gives it a professional look.  I guess, figuring out how to mount is comes next.

I know he has been up for a while but I hadn’t noticed.  So leaving MAPS yesterday, I suddenly saw him waiting for the Red Baron (photo).


Photos from Richard Willaman: