Renovation Activities ~ 7/20/20

From Ken Ramsay:

Hot, hot, hot.

We were visited by a few motorcycles looking for a rest stop and cold water (photo).  Valerie, with the help of Kim had plenty of cold water on hand (photo).
I loaded the 2.75 inch rockets into the LAU-61 pod (2 photos) and then Ron and I installed it on the Cobra (3 photos).
Riveting is complete on the first aft fuselage panel on the Corsair (photo).  Well done guys. 
The F-102 is coming along.  Jodie and Terry have about 2/3 of the left side done and primed (photo).  Dan is making wing fences for the F-102 (photo).
The Drake’s right gear door is being repaired by Ken O.  It is a honeycomb structure which takes tender loving care to fix (photo).
Ron and Larry continue to clean up the flight line.  Larry is removing stuff that can be recycled (photo), and Ron is cleaning up the flight line surface itself (photo).  I contacted a man that will take all of our excess pallets at no charge.  All we have to do is stack them for easy loading on a truck.