Restoration/Event Activity Update 10-7-19

From Ken Ramsay (Wednesday):

The F-16 really looks nice (3 photos).  The painting is pretty well done, just some touch-up work to do.

The BT-13 is BLUE (2 photos).  John and his crew are doing a great job of painting and protecting other projects in the restoration building.
And finally the gun turret has been installed in the B-26.  Dave did a lot of planning and the installation went well.  Guns and cover are next.
I was asked by a journalist in Pittsburgh for some photos of our A-26’s gunners compartment with a parachute in the compartment.  When I went to the cockpit to get our parachute, I found that someone had pulled the ripcord.  Don’t know who or when.  Took it back inside and John and I spent a sweaty half hour repacking it.  We wired the pins in place and I brought it home and will sew the D handle in place all to prevent another deployment.

From Ken Ramsay (Saturday):

The B-26 top turret  has been installed and looks great (photos).

Still working on TOW missiles for the Cobra.  First one is almost finished.